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Feel like there are not enough hours in a day? This E-book is for you!


Definitive Guide to



Become more effective so you can:

  • Get the family/business balance you desire
  • Stop feeling so stressed and busy
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Do what really matters to you
  • Enjoy life more

What other business owners said about Timon:

Marije Timon asks really good questions and by doing that he makes you kind of figure out for yourself how things can be better. In this way he really helped me in determining the structure and aim of my workshop crowdfunding. He does this in a relaxed manner where there is room for humour. Recommended!  

Leverage your business so you can:

  • Have more free time
  • Help many more clients
  • Exponentially grow your revenue
  • Take the business to where you want it to go
  • Work the way you want

Eli Timon helped me think about my business and how to grow it by asking the right questions. In his relaxed way he helped me with keeping focus on my goals. He really speaks from years of experience and that makes his suggestions tangible and practical.

You'll learn secrets like:

  • How to run your business in less hours
  • Quickest way to more free time
  • How automation saves the day

Dennis Timon is very specific but also very active in his approach and he helped me to take the next step. This was in a period where I no longer clearly saw what to do. He asked me a number of questions, very good questions. And that helped me to see it clearly and make a better choice. A choice that became the difference between stopping or continuing my business. I recommend Timon Vinke as Business Coach.  

Created by a business owner who has managed a multi-million euro sales branch office and grew his business to 120-thousand euro in sales in a year, all while working less than 40 hours a week.

"Hi, My name is Timon Vinke"

I help Coaches work more effective, so they have more free time and can spend more time with their family, in short to become Time Rich. I do this by coaching and training them and I would love to help you as well.  

When I started my business I worried whether I would make it. Even though in my last position as General Manager of an international branch office I increased sales from 1,5 Million to 4,5 Million euro in just 3 years, while working only 40 hours a week on average.  

I still worried whether I could grow MY business. I didn't need to worry, as it turned out. The first full year of having my own business I earned more than I ever did as an employee and crossed the hundred-thousand-euro turnover barrier, working just 32 hours a week with the occasional exception.  

In short, I can get results quickly in few working hours and I can help you do the same!  

I invite you to download my E-book, by clicking the button below and start your journey to BECOME TIME RICH and reaching your desired lifestyle.